Its like ACP, Exept we wear hats


The underground Mafia Army is one of the main "Army's", Although it has, in its name, the word "Mafia" it is not a Mafia. Its an army that dresses up like a 1940's Gangstuh foo'!, Dey just love to Pretend to bootleg beer (Apple juice) Into servers THEY own. Despite its flaunted namesake, They hate the real mafia, since they Steal there limelight AND there money.


If you ask any UMA Member, there are numerous versions of how the Underground army came to place. Possible founders include

  • Al Capone
  • Bugsy Malone
  • Batman
  • Doctor Octopus
  • Two-Face (Lots of comic book characters)
  • George W. Bush Jr. (Likely)
  • Gordon Brown (As If!)
  • Eminem
  • 50 Cent
  • 50 Cent's Son
  • Jade Goody
  • Dora the Explorer 767
  • A Mixture of the above

Whoever the founder is the basic story THEY tell is that they where part of the "Club Penguin Mafia" and they took over a rival gang and then that somehow turned them into an army?.

In reality all that happened was a 13 year old named Jason wanted to be "Well 'Ard". But the local Chavs had regected him on account of him bieng a "Pleb" (hang on chavs don't call people plebs. Public school boys do but... ahh never mid get on with throwing this shit) and so he sunk into the awful world of club penguin and tried to be Well 'ard on the internet. He quickly realised that there was a place for people who thought they where "Well 'ard" that place was ACP. Unfortunatly ACP regected him on account of "No you cant be leader". So Jason started his own army. that he said would be "A Badass version of ACP" the result was Underground Mafia Army. The army grew quite quickly, since there are alot of Jasons on the net.

Connection with the IRAEdit

In recent years, the UMA has been taken over by a butthurt redneck named Explo (Who sometimes changes his name to 'sexplo' and acts like a pervert, even moreso then he usualy does). Explo's most domineering feature is his affiliation with the Irish Republican Army (Anti-British terrorists who get more support from america then they do from ireland). He will continualy bitch about how terrible the English are and will ban you if you are British(Or not racist). Explo also thinks that ireland is still part of the UK, and he has no idea what Ulster is.

As a result, he is easy to troll. He will start ranting at any vague mention of Britain. Another way to troll him is to mention that both the Internet and the Computer were invented by english people, this will either cause him to bitch about a 'coverup' or make him really confused.

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