Team Gold is yet ANOTHER one of those armies that completely fails. The founder, Spice Ice116 (only a fag would have a name like that), was so stupid that when he had only Nobody in his army, and he challenged the Nachos. Epic fail. BUT WAIT - THERE'S MOAR (that is how you spell more btw)! They posted on their fail blog saying that they pwned them (even with the pictures of the Nachos raping them and burning their skin with cheese). Pure faggotry.


One day, a 10 year-old fag named Spice Ice116 decided he wanted to make an army. So, he did, and he had already recruited Nobody. Thinking he was all powerful, he went up to the Nachos (the largest army in Club Penguin) and said, "HA U DON'T SCARE ME PSH WHAT KINDOF NAME IS NACHOS ANYWAY U FAEL LOLOLOL THIS WILL BE FUN C U 2MOROW! BE READY TO GET DESTROIED AHAHAHAH." They showed up the next day on the battlefield and the Nachos pwned and raped and burned him with cheese. This was an obvious win to Team Gold. Feeling powerful, he posted on his blog how he raped and pwned and burned them with cheese. Pure, uber, epic, faggotry. The Nachos then hacked and pwned his blog.

Later, the Underground Mafias Army obviously felt pity for such a n00b and became allies (at least told him they were allies, anyway, but don't show up at any battles or shit). Then the Nachos didn't feel like putting up with shit so they told the faggot that they were allies, too.

They now have like twenty soldiers or something.


  • Ice Warriors (The fag army claims IW as their best allies lulz)
  • Nachos
  • UMA (not rlly)


If you don't have any of that crap up there (how can you not) then just wear as much yellow as you can! no, we'll make it easy just piss all over yourself.



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