The Communist Party of Club Penguin is the successor to the former Communists or now dubbed the Communist Party of Workers. It is currently in lead in the Club Penguin Elections and the penguins are still voting.


On May 17, about a fortnight before the Communists died down, a group of penguins who want the workers to be powerful over all the baddies (high people) decided to create a new party which will bring up the form of communism. As the other party did not allow democracy in, they were unable to be elected till...

...June 4 when the Communists fled to the state of Irish lepraucans on weed. They later entered the election as a communist-democrartic party and won high votes

Pingu-Lenin is thought to be the real foudre behind the originla Communist party.


Barackhopper, the Club Penguin version of America's coolest president ever, will be the next dictator of Club Penguin. He will declare martial law and make all the companies provide their workers with health care insurance. He will also save CP from all of its problems, and bring rights for all the Queer Penguins.